Juan Vaamonde
Juan Vaamonde

The Corolla Collective

My digital agency experience encouraged the Pacific Magazines digital team to use me on the team’s first ever project with an external client.

Toyota was looking for a partnership with several magazines for the release of the new Corolla. The idea was to create a digital portal to tell the stories of several journeys, one for each magazine, and each showcasing aspects of the new car.


Initially I foresaw two main challenges, firstly that creating a cohesive visual language for the portal whilst also intertwining enough of each magazine’s brand identity and somehow encapsulating the overarching project within Toyota’s brand identity sounded incredibly tricky to achieve without creating a dog’s breakfast of a result.

Secondly that I’d never had to interact with 7 key clients or stakeholders that may have competing ideas. This never turned out to be much of an issue, perhaps mostly due to how I dealt with the first challenge.