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Animating digital experiences

After studying a minor in Flash animation at university a few years ago, Flash lay dusty and forgotten in my application's folder. As Flash became a dirty word in the world of digital design, so too animation in a design context disappeared from my thoughts for the time being.

And then I came across Pasquale D'Silva's masterpiece, his article on Medium that has been doing the rounds in the design community since it appeared. "Transitional interfaces."

This opened my eyes to what now appears obvious. The importance of animation in digital interfaces and how a poorly animated interface is evidence of a lazy designer. (ie me and maybe you, don't despair though, read on to help address our apparent laziness) Since then I've been on the lookout for great resources and tools to aid me in my journey to rediscover my animation skills and to use them in this new context.

I know there are many designers like me out there, who are exploring animation as a way to improve the experience of their apps and sites for their users. To ease the cognitive load and add some personality without creating over-the-top distractions. A fine line to tread.

I've had many questions, which thanks to the resources below, I'm beginning to answer. Most notably, what app should I use? I find it odd that coders are able to jump onto the transitional interfaces bandwagon easier than most designers. While devs are enjoying crafting their CSS animations in pure code, I have no desire to spend time improving my basic coding skills to eventually create something visual using words. It just doesn't feel right. How it can it be easier to code an animation than to visualise one? How did we end up like this?

If you are curious about exploring how you can use animation to improve your interface designs or if you want to improve the control and style of the animation you're already creating, then I hope the links below will be of great a help to you as they were to me.

Transitional Interfaces by Pasquale D'Silva @ Medium.com: A great introduction to the importance of animation in digital experiences

Another great introduction the current landscape of animation in design, this also highlights ways you can currently approach it.

A library of animations in user interfaces.

Below is an amazing talk by Pasquale D'Silva outlining much of the thoughts and guidelines from his articles on Medium.com

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