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A designer’s favourite Mac Apps

A friend of mine recently received a new Macbook Pro for his birthday. To make his foray into the Mac world as enjoyable as possible, I thought I’d make a list of the most useful and interesting Mac apps I’ve come across so far as a UI/UX Designer.

Music & Entertainment


For me, its the best way to listen to your favourite music and discover great stuff you probably wouldn’t have found otherwise. I can understand music nerds not being satisfied with the quality of sound provided by Spotify, but for the rest of us, Spotify probably does everything we could want. Huge library of music from past and present, and from around the world. Somehow (probably has something to do with their massive losses) the cost of all of this is just $12 a month. That’s about half the price of one album on iTunes. There’s a free plan, but they keep on changing what’s available on it. The design of the app is vastly cooler than it used to be. There’s also a growing list of interesting features. 


Boom 2

Until Spotify provides an equaliser, I’ll be using Boom 2, an excellent system wide equaliser. With some fancy abilities, including a feature that lets you raise the volume beyond the standard maximum of your speakers. Handy on those more lightweight laptop speakers. I highly recommend you download the trial if you use Spotify on your Mac, and want to get more out of your speakers.



Pretty much plays everything and it’s free.



A great little app. It lets you mix various atmospheric effects, to create a soothing layer of background noise. My favourite setting is 40% October Rain and 20% Winter Wind.


Coming soon

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