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Sketchifying Photoshop

I've been using Sketch 3 for UI/UX design for nearly 3 years now and I love it.

It's made a huge impact on my workflow, easing the transition from design to development in conjunction with apps like Avocode and Zeplin, and in general has made designing a happier experience for me.

But sometimes as designers we encounter situations where we're forced to design interfaces in Adobe Photoshop again. I know, it's torture right? Laggy, and filled with features we don't need, no pages, and many other things besides makes moving from Sketch to Photoshop akin to being forced to date your fugly ex.

To help others in this terrible situation, I thought I'd share the things I've tweaked in Photoshop to "Sketchify" it, and make the experience of designing in Photoshop as pleasant as possible.

My tips are as follows:

1. Change the interface colour to the lightest shade of grey

Preferences > Interface > Lightest Grey Swatch


2. Ensure you can select layers with the move tool

Select move tool (V) > tick the Auto-select checkbox & Select "Layer" from the dropdown


3. Drag the layers panel to the left side of the Photoshop window

Click and grab the layers panel from the title to the left hand side of the Photoshop window


4. Install Craft by Invision


5. Install the Guide Guide plugin because Adobe can't be bothered improving guides


But ideally you'll be able to propose Sketch 3 as a tool to replace Photoshop for appropriate projects in your work environment. I wish you good luck.

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