Juan Vaamonde
Juan Vaamonde

The Iconic 2.0

Client: The Iconic
Completed: 2013

The Iconic user experience has nothing that stands out. Amongst its competitors, it is its delivery speeds that sets it apart from the crowd. But since the only part of the entire customer experience that is entirely “The Iconic” is the website and apps, I decided that it was worth exploring new approaches to the Iconic shopping experience.
Tackling the major point of vastly improving the user’s perceived ownership of their shopping experience and thus improving product relevancy, I decided to let users add “streams” onto the new “My Iconic” homepage. Allowing them to have a constantly updated “stream” of exactly the products they want. With a high degree of customisation. Only interested in the most popular red heels under $200? Or what about the newest black dresses in your size by your favourite brand? Or suggestions by our editors for what to wear to a music festival? It’s all there, on your own Iconic home page. See only what you want. It’s the brick and mortar equivalent of rearranging the merchandise in a store for each customer's preferences. This is just scratching surface of the power of the possibilities of the digital realm.